Thursday, May 29, 2008

Buried in books

"This book is donated in recognition of the First Amendment rights of all Americans." - Anonymous

That is the dedication written in the copy of The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie that I bought the other day at the sale at the local Communist re-education center (aka the public library.) For a grand total of ten dollars I was able to get ten hardcovers:

Empire by Gore Vidal

Creation by Gore Vidal

The Hunting of the President by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons

State of War by James Risen

Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast

Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

Disarming Iraq by Hans Blix

The Cousin's War by Kevin Phillips

Diderot's Selected Writings edited by Lester Crocker

I've already read State of War but I couldn't resist having a copy on hand, as I think it's an example of excellent journalism. I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to rescue Disarming Iraq - the book was published in '04 and it has been in the library for at least two years but it has the appearance of being brand new (complete with new book smell and stiff binding.) I would be surprised to hear that it had ever been checked out.

Besides being busy flipping through these new aquisitions, I've been trying to finish off several other books that I'm nearly finished reading which has pushed back the book reviews I'd been working on for a few days or so.

Update: Make that 12 books for a total of $11.50. I went back yesterday and picked up a hardcover copy of Tempting Faith by David Kuo and a paperback edition of Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain.

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