Friday, May 16, 2008

Caller suggests tyranny, Limbaugh doesn't blink an eye

A caller to Rush Limbaugh's radio show yesterday said that America has foreign and domestic enemies. That America's domestic enemies are liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who should be locked up in prison.

Limbaugh did not disagree. Indeed, he did not comment at all, as there is nothing remarkable about a caller expressing his desire to see the American government transform into an oppressive one party state which puts political opposition in prison.

I can't remember if that call occurred before or after the segment in which Limbaugh demonized Democrats as "limp-wristed linguini liberals" and "new castrati" aka castrated/homosexual males.

Can we at least get some internal consistency here? Are Democrats sissy girly men or are they dangerous violent thugs?

I guess we can't all be as tough as a fat draft-dodging chickenhawk radio jock. Really, how f'ing delusional does this guy have to be to consider himself more manly than, say, combat veteran Jim Webb (who is "liberal" by Limbaugh's definition.)

1 comment:

Alan said...

you forgot "pain pill addicted"...

which is pretty hypocritical for a drug-dependencies-are-for-weak-liberal-law breaking-hippies kind of a guy like Rush.