Monday, May 05, 2008

EPA administrator fired for doing her job

An EPA official attempted to force Dow to clean up a site with high levels of dioxins. Dow said dioxins aren't that dangerous.

Whose side do you think the Bush administration took?

For more on the politicization of the EPA and the consequent decline in its ability to perform the function it was created for, see Chris Mooney's "Enormously Pathetic Agency: The Evisceration of the EPA" op-ed.


C2H50H said...


In keeping with the spirit of several of your recent posts, I saw an editorial by Gerson at the WaPo today defending the Bush administration's war on science.

You might enjoy it. Basically, it's one extended strawman argument.

By the way, your site is very slow these days, especially this comment section.

Hume's Ghost said...

I saw the Gerson op-ed. It's what I'd expect from a Bush speechwriter ... I just love how liars for Bush like Gerson or Tony Snow get to step into the "liberal media" and continue lying for Bush.

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