Friday, May 02, 2008

Another low for global warming deniers

You might recall the Liars for Exxon coming up with a bogus list of climate skeptics and claiming that it debunks global warming. Well, now the Heartland Institute - which probably is more accurately described as a Liar for Industry - has come up with another bogus list. This one being even more of an egregious example of intellectual dishonesty.


Anonymous said...

There are still over 400 scientists left from the list who are actually skeptics.

And what about the dozens of scientists who were falsely listed on the IPCC consensus?

Ohhh, they're different, I get it. When the Heartland does it it's dishonesty, but when the Sacred Priests of the Climate Mysteries do it its consensus building.

C2H50H said...


Produce one individual listed as a scientist by the IPCC who is on record as claiming that he or she was incorrectly quoted or cited by the IPCC.

As opposed to Heartland, who claims that the 500 people they name are co-authors! When you look at the people Heartland lists, they have dead people, people who say their research was completely misunderstood by Heartland, and a large number of people who have never published anything about climate.

IPCC is a thoughtful, encyclopedic compendium of people, not all of whom agree with the findings, but who have all had their say.

Heartland, meanwhile, simply produced a mish-mash of garbage, produced by a couple of hacks, which they then claimed, without the permission of those named, was written by 500 people.

Yes, one of these efforts was dishonest, the other was not. You figure it out which was which.

Wadard said...

The most effective thing you can do to ramp up the fight against climate change is to go and take on a AGW denial propagandist, on their own astroturf.