Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The crazies are coming

Ed Brayton has found a rather creepy commentary from WorldNetDaily by the sites VP David Kupelian. In it Kupelian expounds upon a Manichean leader cult notion of the presidency in which he argues the president has some kind of magical power to effect the "spirit" of the nation; with Republicans effecting it positively and Democrats naturally effecting it negatively. According to Kupelian, if we elect one of the evil Democrats, but especially Hillary Clinton, it will result in Hell being unleashed in America, which he appears to mean literally.

My first thought upon reading it is that it is the sort of sentiment you might expect to see expressed in North Korea or some kind of pre-industrial civilization that worshipped a (believed to be) demi-God ruler or something.

I guess at WorldNetDaily "conservative" means wishing to bow at the feet of a supreme "Father."


Anonymous said...

Yes World net daily is a propaganda outlet for extreme Calvinism.

We possess the TOTAL TRUTH.

Check out the history of Calvin's fascist state in Geneva to see what the future holds if those sex-paranoid puritans get into power.

Hume's Ghost said...

According to Jon Rowe, Kupelian is possibly a member of the Roy Masters sect.