Sunday, December 23, 2007

Liars for Exxon strike again

Senator James Inhofe, possibly the most intellectually dishonest man in the senate, is now claiming that a minority report debunks the claim that there is no scientific debate over whether or not anthropogenic global warming is occurring. Why? Because it has a list of scientists who are skeptics of AGW.

Except if you look at the list, most of those included are not climatologists, and many aren't even scientists! (the list includes economists.) But worse, a number of those included do not dispute that AGW is happening, but have disputed some particular related detail.

But guess what - that's not the end of the dishonesty. It's not even really a minority report.

This is more evidence of the similarities between global warming denialism and creationism, given as using a list of skeptic "scientists" is a standard creationist tactic (pay attention to point 3 - the similarity in style of intellectual dishonesty is remarkable.)

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