Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Public schools and Neal Boortz

The reason I was so upset with Boortz's nonsense about public school's being a tool to brainwash children into being government serfs and what not isn't that I believe the public school is beyond criticism, but because Boortz's dualistic black-and-white outlook obscures the issue into farce. Sure there are flaws with public schooling, but there are also flaws with homeschooling and private schools. For example, Boortz often speaks critically of theocratic Christians ... doesn't he realize that this group is one of the biggest proponents of homeschooling?

The Carpetbagger Report summarizes some recent reports on the perfomance of public schools students and private schools. Surprise, surprise ... the results do not fit Boortz's Manichean take.


Unknown said...

Before you expound the virtue of public schools, you should read or listen to something by John Taylor Gatto. Schooling does NOT equal Education. Schooling equals Training and this training was designed to culture automatic reactions to authority. US public schools are based on the Prussian model. The same one that brought Nazism.

Hume's Ghost said...