Friday, March 21, 2008

Bill O'Reilly candidly admits he would gladly vote for tyranny

Via Media Matters:

[T]hese people at Media Matters -- these are the worst Americans in the country. There are no worse Americans than this. If I could, I would deport them.


I want Media Matters deported ... And if anybody can work that -- if Barack Obama can work that ... I'm voting for him ... OK? Any of the presidential candidates who can deport those swine ... I'm voting for them.
I have little doubt that if O'Reilly "could" it would be illegal for anyone anywhere in the universe to say something critical of him.

We gotta gid rid of them "Liberal Fascists", I suppose.

Update: Does this mean that O'Reilly works for a network that is "no different" than the Nazis? Should someone send a camera crew to stalk O'Reilly like he does to others?

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