Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vote her out

A representative from Oklahoma stated that homosexuals are more of a threat to America than terrorism.

According to Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern, gays are more of a threat to America than terrorists. Also, they are “going after our young children, as young as two years of age,” “infiltrating” city councils across the country, and have completed a hostile takeover of Eureka Springs, Ark.
Hatewatch goes on to explore the most outrageous of Kern's claims and possible source material for her hate-mongering.

Does District 84 really want a bigot of this class representing them? For shame if it does.

And if someone from Bill O'Reilly's staff happens to read this somehow ... please, if Mr. O'Reilly has any integrity left could he possibly devote some of the passion he has for attacking singular comments out of thousands at the HuffingtonPost to tackling something like this? You know, because if you want to try and compare something to the demonization of Jews by the Nazis, any reasonable person is going to have to concede that an elected politician saying homosexuals are a threat to America is a bit more troubling than a handful of crude and obnoxious comments attacking a particular individual.

Update: In the Hatewatch post I linked to they describe how Paul Cameron was likely the source of one of Kern's claims:

Though she doesn’t cite specific data, Kern’s claims about the deadly lifestyle and shortened life spans of gays and lesbians are probably fueled by the pseudo-scientific reports of crackpot psychologist Paul Cameron, a popular speaker on the anti-gay lecture circuit of the Christian Right who portrays gays and lesbians as dangerous, diseased perverts whose average life span is only 45 years. Cameron’s work has been thoroughly discredited by mainstream social researchers. One of his most infamous studies found that “lesbians are 300 times more likely to die in car accidents than
heterosexual women.”
In an article about the anti-gay movement, the SPLC noted that:

Exhibit number one in demonizing homosexuals is the Christian Right's Paul Cameron, a leading "scientist" on the evils of homosexuality who heads the hate group, Family Research Institute. Cameron's work, which has been cited both by the Christian Right and prominent Republicans, falsely claims that gay people are disproportionately responsible for child molestation, for the majority of serial killings, and for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

"Of all the vices," Cameron concluded in one pamphlet, "only homosexuality constitutes a conspiracy against society." Cameron's "science" echoes Nazi Germany in that these disparaging descriptions of homosexuals are reminiscent of themes found in the ugly history of anti-Semitism, where Jews were historically associated with disease, filth, and child stealing. Cameron has been thrown out of legitimate professional organizations for his crackpot and inhuman science.
Guess who has previously given a venue to someone who promoted the Nazi sounding lies of Cameron? That's right! Our pal Bill O'Reilly.

Update 2: A high school senior whose mother died in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing has written a moving letter to Rep. Sally Kern.

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