Friday, March 07, 2008

TV on the net

At the ABC Full Episode Player, every episode of the hit show Lost (Seasons 1- 4) is available for free viewing in High Definition. Several of the main characters are named after major philosphers, including David Hume.

At CBS, every episode of Jericho (Seasons 1 - 2) - which is sort of the anti-24 - is available for free viewing. If watching 24 makes people think that the United States should torture people, maybe watching Jericho will get them to think twice about giving up on the rule of law and the open society because of fear of an external threat.

Also at CBS, every episode of the original Star Trek series (Seasons 1 - 3) is online for free. Star Trek is still to this date one of the most successful vehicles for the promotion of humanist values in popular culture.

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