Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shorter Bill O'Reilly

Via Media Matters: "Sure you actually had family members killed at the hands of the Nazis, but I'm right and you're wrong. Arianna Huffington is Joseph Goebbells reincarnated."

Or even shorter: "S-Ps are Nazis."

Hooray, Jonah Goldberg must throw a party everytime O'Reilly calls anyone or any venue that is critical of himself Nazis.

As soon as a Democrat becomes president I expect we can start hearing movement conservatives talking about how they fear for their lives from all the mean evil Liberal Fascist green-shirts roaming the streets and assaulting anyone who consumes transfats and doesn't recycle.

Which, of course, will make the extremist anti-liberal survivalist fringes feel justified in going off into the woods, stockpiling weapons, and planning on bombing stuff.

Update: In the Media Matters link, O'Reilly explains that Arianna Huffington is "no different" (oddly, O'Reilly keeps repeating the exact same phrasing over and over again like chanting it makes it true or something) than Nazi chief propagandist Joeseph Goebbels because the handful of now non-existent comments on a single news wire post at her website said insenstive and hateful things about not caring if Nancy Reagan dies which in his mind is the same thing as the systematic demonization of Jews with concomitant eliminationist rhetoric towards Jews by the Nazis.

On Friday night, Rush Limbaugh was a guest on the O'Reilly Factor guest hosted by Laura Ingraham. That's the same Rush Limbaugh who said of Democrats:

I mean, there's almost a mathematical formula to this that I have detected. To the extent that we make progress, the Democrats' political hopes are diminished. Now, what kind of political leaders position themselves that way so that they only win when their country loses? And what kind of brains do they have to position themselves in such a way so that when we make progress, their political aspirations are diminished?

They're the ones that created this situation. They have aligned themselves with the enemy. They continue to align themselves with the enemy. They won't admit it, obviously. The enemy kills more soldiers, their spokesmen here in the U.S. are the Democrats. When we kill more of the enemy, the Democrats are silent and they say nothing. But when we have reports of, you know, another IED, or pictures of a car on fire -- then the Democrats assume the role of media PR spokespeople for Al Qaeda.
And the same Rush Limbaugh who has suggested the Clintons are murderers and that Bill Clinton assasinated Slobodon Milosovic . And the same who said that the Virginia Tech shooter "had to be a liberal." The same Limbaugh who said that Iranian president Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush contained "some liberal Hollywood Jewish people talking point." The same Limbaugh who called Catherine Pearce a "B-I-itch." The same Rush Limbaugh who suggested that opposition to apartheid in South Africa was a communist ploy. The same Rush Limbaugh who equated "liberals" with cockroaches. The same Limbaugh who said Osama Bin Laden is a Democrat. The same Limbaugh who has fantasized about deporting "anybody who speaks out against this country" because "we'd get rid of half the Democratic Party" which would be "fabulous."

Rush Limbaugh has an audience of millions. I'm guessing the couple of unsolicited comments from commenters that O'Reilly believes makes Huffington "no different" than Nazis have a slightly smaller audience.

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gawker said...

I'm worried about Bill O'Reilly. If he really believes all that he says, life can't be good for him. Maybe he stays up every night in a cold sweat, waiting for that awful knock from Huffpo commenters coming to slip under his door another anti-Reagan screed. He is probably severely sleep deprived by now. And although when you deprive an enemy combatant of sleep, it is not akin to torture, in Commander O'Reilly's case it is torture because he needs his sleep to lead our troops into battle against Arianna Huffington.