Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sure sounds like a "product of the Left" to me

Recall yesterday Glenn Beck and guests explaining in so many words that James Von Brunn is a liberal fascist.

Here's a sampling of ranting from this so-called "product of the Left"

The American Right-wing (RW) with few exceptions is totally Pacifist, and sometimes corrupt (see: Revilo Oliver letter to Col. Dall: Attatched) From the NA to neo-Nazis they preach non-violence. They are ‘educators.’ If you already know the score you are no use to them. Their Websites illuminate the problems that Aryans face. Each day new alarms are sounded, adding more fuel to the raging fire. Their sites receive ‘hit after hit’ from patriots, scared old folks asking to help — young folks asking for leadership. Business $$is good. But that’s as far as it goes. Their subscribers, smoldering with rage, ready for action, are told to take a cold-shower — or pray.

The RW does NOTHING BUT TALK. It offers no Goal, no short or long-term objectives, no plan of action against the well-known enemy. There is no strategy, no tactical advice. Only the warning: DO NOTHING, BREAK NO LAWS, SIT TIGHT (as it has for almost 100-years).

Exactly the advice Marxists/Liberals/Jews want to hear.
Wow! Von Brunn sounds just like that quintessential "liberal fascist" Hillary Clinton, doesn't he?

Oh, and for anyone wanting to see a perfect example of the intersection of mainstream conservative punditry and extremist hate facilitated by media transmitters like Jerome Corsi, see this entry from Media Matters in which Beck and Corsi talk about Obama being a "Marxist" following the lead of Saul Alinsky (happens to be Jewish), then see this thread at white nationalist Stormfront which quotes an American Thinker article discussing the same and also ACORN conspiracy theory. And after you do that, recall what I previously wrote about Beck and his own ACORN conspiracy mongering

Beck is floating the idea that the economic meltdown was manufactured by ACORN as part of a 40+ year plot to usher in a socialist government and that Obama is ACORN's Manchurian frontman of the conspiracy.

That's just as crazy as any other conspiracy about sinister forces secretly working behind the scenes to control the fate of the world. ACORN plays the role in Beck's conspiracy that Jews, Illuminati, Masons, or the Bilderbergs play in other paranoid, New World Order type conspiracies.
Update: I see that Beck is not alone, as Rush Limbaugh and others are saying that Von Brunn was a leftist. Limbaugh, in particular, has a lot of nerve in making that claim, given that part of the reasoning he offers is that Von Brunn believed in 9/11 Truth conspiracy. Because if that makes someone "left" (despite the conspiracy having adherents of both "left" and "right" political leanings) then does that mean that Limbaugh is also a leftist since the very same day that Von Brunn - who believed in the Obama birth certificate conspiracy - shot up the Holocaust Museum Limbaugh was telling his audience that Obama does not have a United States birth certificate? Additionally, Limbaugh mentions that Von Brunn hated neoconservatives and both Bush presidents, but fails to inform his audience that he hated Democrats and liberals as well.

David Corn points out some additional bits of information left out by Limbaugh. Also see John Cole and Jon Chait for more on Von Brunn being "leftist" because of his anti-Semitism. And speaking from personal experience, as someone who semi-regularly visits Stormfront, it is not at all unusual for these sorts of extremists to hate Fox News, neoconservatives, and such, which they believe to be doing the bidding of Z.O.G. (in other words, Jews). But this doesn't mean they are "leftists" - in reality, they hate the mainstream right/conservatives for being weak and ineffectual, and hate the left even more. They consider Republicans left and Democrats further left. And they were really pumped about Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

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