Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now I know why LaRouche hates David Hume

A while back a reader sent me a link to an article about Lyndon LaRouche in which LaRouche made a rather strange comment about David Hume which I was not able to puzzle out the meaning of.

I don't know quite what to make of it, but fringe political figure Lyndon LaRouche doesn't seem to be a fan of David Hume (h/t Psyberian)

Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche was born in 1922 and raised in rural New Hampshire and in Massachusetts. Bullied at school, but forbidden by his Quaker parents to fight back, he turned to philosophy as his weapon, dismissing his schoolyard persecutors as the "unwitting followers of David Hume."
The rest of the article is an interesting examination of LaRouche's strange brand of political extremism (a mix of both far left and far right ideas.)
If I had a better memory I would have been able to make sense of that remark the first time around. Re-reading the entry on LaRouche in American Extremists the other day, the answer became clear

According to Johnson [author of Architects of Fear], the line separating the good guys from the bad guys in the LaRouchean world is whether they are on the side of Aristotle or on the side of Plato in the battle over how one views reality. One camp has a relativistic view of the world (Aristotelian), in which reality, i.e., the evidence of the senses, is primary and empiricism reigns; the other camp embraces an absolutist view of the world (Platonic), in which ideas exist in a metaphysical realm, and idealism and utopianism reign. Because of their particular idealistic perspective, LaRouche's followers believe themselves to be the equivalent of the philosopher-kings described in Plato's Republic.

LaRouche's animus against the British greatly stems from his view that Aristotelianism (as advocated by the British empiricists Hume, Locke, Bentham, Russell, Berkeley, and others) is responsible for many of the ills of society


LynMarcus said...

First, Larouche runs a cult of colege drop outs whom he has to impress before hie dies with more Walter Mitty versions of his life.

This act has been going on for nearly 4 decades and as he approaches 90, he is down to a a few hundred peole world wide.

The reason Larouche hates the British is because one if his wives dumped him for a hot and younger British leader of the London office. Larouche went batty after this and really broke down and used this episoe to consolidate the students he had into a cult of personality.

Larouche in 1974 began a hoax of how his wife's lover was brainwshed by Britsh intell, the CIA and the KGB in a secret plot to kill him using Cuban frogmen assasins in the Hudson river.

You may think that I am just pulling your leg with this, but it si true and Larouche spent weeks "deprogramming" the British chap all while more and more members started to sense that this was all a hoax.

Larouche is nothing but a convicted criminal and cult leader who was sent to prison in the 1980s for hijacking over 30 million dollars from people who thought that he was a legitimate person. In this regards, Larouche is more of a Bernie Madoff with his cult's promissory note schemes and credit card fraud. Like Madoff, hardly anyone who lost a total of nearly 34 million dollars in this madmans delusions and fraud will ever see a dime.

Larouche has been a socialist, communist, Christian, left/right winger, pro Russian, anti Russian and anything else you can imagine to sucker people to his delusions.For over 40 years he has been running a cult of endless economic collapse, New Dark Ages and Nuclear war to recruit enough naive college kids to drop out of school and support him. His cult skips many labor laws as he has them called "volunteers" and has them running like hamsters 18 hours a day, 6 1/2 to 7 days a week with one crisis after another for about 20 to 40 dollars a week.

This cult circus has been going on for over 40 years by Larouche who has to recruit new blood to replace the worn out and broken down cult members who are discarded or those who have figured out how this farce works. Several hundred people have left the cult and in the last dying days of the elderly Larouche, he needs a few naive people to keep him and his wife living that millionaire lifestyle.

You can read about how this charade is run on sites like: under discussions where there are over 6K posts from former members about this lunacy.

Psyberian said...

Thanks for the h/t HG.

So anyway, the 2,000 year old argument between the rationalists and empiricists still rages on. Kant didn’t really resolve it in my opinion since it is too much of a chasm to bridge.

I’m reading Hegel lately (since I didn’t read much of his work in college) and it’s amazing to me how much he disparages philosophy. How can a rationalist such as Hegel be so dismissive of thinking? It’s intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Or Lyn marcus is a shill. Why should any remotely thinking person doubt that Lyndon larouche has some serious enemies.