Friday, June 19, 2009

More on Glenn Beck's bizarro sense

I found a review of Beck's Common Sense

Ultimately, “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense” is just what you expect it is: an uninformed rant against enemies, perceived or otherwise, loosely tied together by that favorite trope of the far-right, anti-intellectualism. This type of screed is hardly revolutionary: indeed, it’s remarkable only for its commonality.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of the book’s faults. I could go on to highlight some of Beck’s scarier points – like his tendency to refer to ideological opponents as inhuman “cockroaches” (e.g. 84), and his insistence that Americans are right to stockpile guns and ammunition (87), though apparently we stockpile guns so that we may never use them (102). Enough said.
Cockroaches, eh. I see it's not the first time Beck has ranted about socialist "cockroaches."

I disagree with the reviewer a bit. The trope of the book is no doubt common on AM radio, but it's still steeped in revolutionary imagery, calling for a supposedly non-violent revolution (although Beck can't seem to help himself from fantasizing about actual war) to purify the nation of un-American elements. And let's not forget the larger context of violent, revolutionary rhetoric of the conservative movement.

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Left-wing Wacko said...

I just read Chip Berlet's report article on conspiracy theories etc. and it has a section on right-wing populism that reminded me a lot of Beck et al. I think you will find it interesting. You can download the pdf at.