Friday, June 26, 2009

*pssst* (Rush Limbaugh is racist)

Media Matters notes this rant was inspired by an American Thinker article. You can hear pretty much the same sort of rant at Stormfront, except they are up front with their racism and come right out with it.

Update: That didn't take long. The white nationalist Stormfronters (or at least one so far) are thrilled by Limbaugh's rant about President Obama the "African colonial" dictator.

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Sheldon said...

Ha! Another item of evidence that these conservative commentators are just totally divorced from reality! That is assuming they believe what they say.

Again, "Obama the Marxist" Meanwhile Obama plays footsie with the health insurance corporations. Despite the fact that the most cost efficient option for health care reform would be single-payer, Obama and most Dems have taken it "off the table". They would never think of putting for-profit health insurance companies out of business. This is absolutely, completely un-Marxist!

Also interesting is this idea of Obama not being "American". Yep you nailed it HG.