Saturday, July 19, 2008

Surreal, yet priceless

If you're at all familiar with the excellent Butterflies and Wheels website, then you ought to find these e-mails fairly amusing. How someone (an "unrepentant Marxist") can browse the site and conclude it is a "rightwing publication" run by "neocons" is just surreal.

It also goes along ways towards demonstrating how absurd it is that so many movement conservatives consider Democrats and Daily Kos type liberals to be socialist extremists and what not.


Sheldon said...

Your point is well taken about how movement conservatives' hyperbolic mis-attribution of relatively moderate left Democrats as far-left socialists.

And indeed Proyect has done some similar hyperbolic mis-attribution of the entire Butterflies and Wheels website as "neocon". It is strange that he would randomly hurl ad hominem via email for no apparent reason.

I have "known" Proyect in cyber-space since the early part of this decade. He can be quite cranky, and he can be quite insightful. His knowledge is encyclopedic on a variety of topics.

I was curious as to what his specific beef was with Butterflies and Wheels, and searched for a reference on his blog. I found none.

However, its seems Jeremy Stangroom isn't above a little vituperation himself.

Here he is apparently indignant that protesters are smiling at their protest against the last Isreali-Lebanon war.

Sheldon said...

In case you are interested, Louis Proyect has just posted a rather indirect criticism of Butterflies and Wheels. At least now that email might make more sense.

Sheldon said...

Ooops, link!