Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fox "News" identifies Osama bin Laden as Barack Obama

h/t News Hounds

Here's a tip for the next person to get ambushed by one of Bill O'Reilly's twerp producers. When he asks why you won't go on the Factor, tell him because Fox "News" is an arm of the Republican Party* which engages in vile and reprehensible propaganda tactics.

*Two nights ago, after telling his audience how much of a non-partisan he is, O'Reilly did a segment on an ad attacking Obama for not supporting the troops (an untrue smear). For analysis, O'Reilly had on Fox News "analyst" Karl Rove. Could there be any clearer indication that Fox News considers Republican spin and propaganda to be "news" than that it presents one of the most amoral Machiavellian partisan political figures in the country with a history of being involved with smear campaigns - who happens to have been an integral part of the current administration and a central figure in multiple on-going scandals - as an objective analyst.

[Edited 7-31-08]

Update: Glenn Greenwald points out that these sorts of attacks (the one in the footnote, not the image) from McCain on Obama began after the McCain campaign opened up its doors to veterans of Karl Rove orchestrated Bush campaigns, further illustrating how absurd and without journalistic principle it is to pretend Karl Rove is giving "analysis."


Spocko said...

I wonder if Rove ever told McCain that he was behind the South Caroline smear? If he wasn't behind it, I'll bet he knows who was. Do you suppose that the way that McCain is justifying hugging Bush is that Bush promised him Rove's help when he ran for President?

As I sit here on the outside and watch this I often wonder what people on the inside could tell us about what is really going on with this dynamic. Is Rove's "help" a payoff, does McCain's staff resent Rove big footing them? Rove's loyalty isn't really to McCain or even conservationism but to Bush.

HG, I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog.

Hume's Ghost said...

I don't know, but it sure is depressing watching McCain 2008 campaign against McCain 2000.

I appreciate the appreciation.