Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Something important to remember

I tend to take it for granted, but unless I specifically note a positive difference, if I criticize Obama for something it can be assumed that McCain is probably worse on the issue. For example, I was remiss yesterday in not pointing out that whatever problems I have with Obama's plan to modify and continue President Bush's "Faith Based" office (aka his office of religion) McCain's position on the issue is even more troublesome.

Although I have criticized Senator Obama for failing to end a program that was created by Bush's executive fiat, it should be recognized that Obama has stated his intention to review executive orders relating to the ability of federally funded religious groups to use discrimination in hiring practices. Senator McCain, like on so many other issues, wants to continue Bush policy which allowed the consideration of religious beliefs in hiring/firing. A McCain spokesman has said that groups receiving federal money should not be subject to government oversight in their hiring practices.

And where as Sen. Obama has pledged his support and belief in the seperation of church and state, Sen. McCain has stated that the Constitution established the United States as a Christian nation.

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