Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better and cheaper

Health care in the Netherlands is better and more cost effective than health care here in America.


Sheldon said...

"Two years ago, the Netherlands redesigned its health care system. The reform was developed by Alain Enthoven, the U.S. economist who created HMOs. It resulted in a Dutch health care system that closely resembles a giant American HMO."

Good ole American ingenuity, at work over there, too bad we can't have it here.

NB said...

And, based on anecdotal evidence, the German healthcare system is still way better.

They pay a lot more for it, though.

The NPR article is right about encouraging people to engage in preventative medicine. For example, several insurance companies in the Netherlands have significantly higher premiums if you have not had regular dental checkup appointments in the two years prior to signing up with one, no matter of any work having been done.