Saturday, April 15, 2006

William Buckley vs. Noam Chomsky

Check out this video of a debate between William Buckley and Noam Chomsky from 1969. Isn't this a far cry from what passes for debate on television today? Chomsky and Buckley are probably more ideologically different than any two individuals you might see "debating" an issue on tv today, yet they still manage to remain calm and courteous. Additionally, note the length. The debate is long enough so that one might actually see the arguments fleshed out enough to allow a person to form an opinion on the subject being debated.


John Lombard said...

Yes, I've seen this, it's also on the Manufacturing Consent DVD. It's also worth watching just to see how creepy William F. Buckley was -- young conservatives used to try and affect his distinctive slouch.

I've actually read one of William F. Buckley's spy novels -- genuinely dreadful stuff.

But, you're right, they actually talk through the subject, they don't just spout slogans at each other.

Of course, the year before Buckley and Gore Vidal had had the famous TV exchange where Vidal called Buckley a Nazi and Buckley called Vidal a Queer.

GSJ said...

I'm thinking of the 1992 debates - from what I've heard, they barred 3rd party candidates from the debates after Ross Perot showed up in '92 and kicked everyone's ass in the room. With pie charts, no less. This country needs more eccentric billionaires. (Eccentric, not psychotic)

Lecky333 said...

Thanks for that link,

In return, might I point you toward a debate between Chomsky and Michael Foucault in 1971, this is my favorite debate that I have ever seen, full transcript is available here and you find the video from torrent sharing web sites.

btw, what GSJ said about the '92 debate still occurs all the time today. Both parties always set the condition that any 3rd party be excluded, if the network objects the Major parties simply withdraw from the debate.