Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Understatement of the day

"The White House is not an intelligence-gathering agency" - Scott McClellan, trying to spin the White House out of accountability for peddling disproved intelligence

Let's review the facts, shall we Scott? Two military teams (of weapons experts), basing their views off of descriptions from the discredited intelligence source Curveball, believed the trailers were mobile weapons units. The Pentagon sent a team of technical experts to investigate and resolve the matter. The team, within fours hours of investigating, concluded unequivocally that the trailers were not weapons units. Upon returning, the team was asked to revise its (correct) conclusion to "soften" it by allowing for the possibility that the trailers may have been mobile weapons units. The team would not revise their conclusion, and their report was classified and shelved. In public statements for months afterwards, administration members stated unequivocally that the trailers were biological weapons units, until they were finally rebutted once and for all 15 months later when the Iraq Survey Group came to the same conclusion that the group of technical experts had already reached.

Yep, you're right, Scott, the Washington Post sure does owe the White House an apology.

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