Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New York Times sells advertising to gov't responsible for genocide for $900,000

On March 20 the New York Times ran an 8 page advertisement for Sudan designed to encourage business investment in the country. Nat Hentoff, writing in the Village Voice about this amoral action, notes that:

On the same day The New York Times took nearly a million dollars from the mass-murdering government of Sudan for eight pages of glowingly illustrated "bright prospects" for investors, a template of utterly false advertising to gull Times readers. There was this Times editorial:

"After the Holocaust, the world vowed it wouldn't stand back and allow genocide to happen again. Bosnia, Cambodia and Rwanda showed how empty that promise was. . . . Is this really what we have come to? The United Nations has described the carnage as the world's biggest humanitarian crisis but continues to prove itself completely useless at doing anything to stop it.

Gee, maybe its just me, but I kind of have this weird sense of ethics, where my conscious would prohibit me from taking 900,000 dollars from a goverment that is responsible for genocide so that they can try to convince investors to help bankroll rape and murder.

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