Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No class

A group of student protesters at UC Santa Cruz held a rally to block military recruiters from their campus. I believe the students were in the wrong to do so, but that's besides the point that will become clear in a moment.

As part of the press release for the protest, several of the student organizers included their contact information.

Michelle Malkin, blogging about the "seditious" "moonbat" protesters, posts the students' contact information.

The students begin to receive death threats, and subsequently ask Malkin to remove their contact information from her site. She tells them, essentially, to go fuck themselves, and reposts their info.

No class, Mrs. Malkin. No class is what you are.

Here's Malkin's very typical response. As it turns out, she's the innocent victim of a world of unhinged moonbats, out to get her, even though she had nothing to do with the "alleged" death threats. Oh, and she gets rude and malicious e-mails, which somehow is supposed to excuse her own ethical lapse. She just wanted to make sure these "punks" are "held accountable" for their "violent tactics" (which she of course never substantiates with evidence of violence.)

Malkin also says that the students have not requested that their info be removed. Yet she does not say that no one from SAW asked her to remove the contact information, and she does not indicate whether she would do so were she asked.

She wonders why there's such a fuss. All she did was link to their press release and provide their publically available information. But here's the thing Michelle, once they started getting death threats and indicated they wanted you to remove their information from your site, you should have done it. Period.


GSJ said...

What a despicable neocon.

Hume's Ghost said...

I agree she's despicable, but I would call her conservative rather than neconservative.