Saturday, April 08, 2006

Residents of Zimbabwe have world's shortest lifespan

From Reuters

Life in Zimbabwe is shorter than anywhere else in the world, with neither men nor women expected to live to 40, World Health Organization statistics showed on Friday.

The WHO's World Health Report for 2006 said the average life expectancy in the AIDS and poverty-stricken country was 36 years -- less than half of the 82-year life span in Japan, which lies at the top of the table with San Marino and Monaco.

The report used the latest data from 2004. Last year's report, based on 2003, put Zimbabwe's average life expectancy one year higher at 37.

Women in Zimbabwe were the worst-off in the world, living an average 34 years, down from 36, the WHO data showed. Male life expectancy was 37 years, unchanged from 2003.

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