Friday, January 20, 2006

Somethings need not be said

"Haleigh wants to live" pontificates Michelle Malkin in one of the most hubris filled writings I've ever had the misfortune to read. Haleigh may indeed want to live. Haleigh might also want to die. She might possibly (and, sadly, most probably) already be gone, and all that's left of her is an artificially sustained organic husk that formally housed the consciousness that comprised her self. No one knows for certain, especially since the courts have kept her medical records sealed.

Haleigh did not indicate that she wants to live. Haleigh breathed on her own, something doctors anticipated she might be able to do. Malkin might not know this, but breathing is an automatic physiological function of the body and does not represent a volitional act. Doctors also reportedly were able to elicit a response, which might mean that her brain has become functional enough to allow her some basic reflexive actions which, again, are non-volitional. I say this not to be cruel or callous, but because this is the reality of the situation. If Haleigh recovers it will be a wonderful cause for celebration, but the likelihood of that seems quite doubtful.

The decision faced by Haleigh's mother, whether to keep her daughter alive or not, must be one of the most difficult decisions someone can make. I pity anyone in that position, especially if that person must suffer the pompous drivel of someone like Michelle Malkin, whose head is so far up her own ass she can't see or hear the hurt that she might inflict with her careless and thoughtless words.

I sincerely hope Michelle is never put in a position to have to decide the fate of a loved one. But if she ever is, I hope that she is afforded the respect and courtesy that she does not grant to others.

UPDATE - Malkin begins to set up camp.

This is a public case, and it is not only pro-life fundamentalists who ought to be concerned about the unchecked power that has been conferred on the State in the matter of whether Haleigh should live or die.
Apparently Malkin thinks we should be voting on whether Haleigh is "put to death" or not.

Blogger's Note - I wonder if people might think I'm being too harsh. For those that think so, consider that Malkin (as indicated by her previous blogging on Terry Schiavo and the links she provides in this entry) is suggesting that the State and Haleigh's mother are attempting to murder her. I find this suggestion, to say the least, highly objectionable.


gawker said...

I also like how she says "This is a huge story, a wake-up call to "right-to-die" ideologues who recklessly put such unlimited trust in the medical profession and Nanny State." before referring to the members of those same medical profession when they say she is starting to breathe again.

Stephen McArthur said...

Malkin has no gray matter in her brain, only one color (haven't a clue as to which, but I know she's achromatic. She is a political hysteric and a base exploiter of human emotions. She is blind to any of the subtleties of life, deaf to any of the complexities of thought, and dumb to the truth. Her mantra is hate and her words are hate-filled.

Isn't it revealing how the Right continue to eat at her table?