Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kenneth Blackwell ... theocrat? and more on Ohio '04

Remember the Patriot Pastors I blogged about a while back? Well guess who's closely aligned with this Christian Republican nationalist theocratic organization. Gubernatorial candidate J Kenneth Blackwell, the guy who did everything in his power as Sec. of State to see that Democrats could not vote in the 2004 election in Ohio.

And it appears that some statisticians think they've found the smoking gun evidence that the election was rigged. Well, that's nice. Too bad no one will ever hear about it, to either verify it or debunk it. Kind of like how no one knows that the Government Accountablity Office issued a report finding that there are signficiant flaws in our electronic voting system which have the potential to change the outcomes of elections since the press forgot to tell everyone.

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