Monday, January 30, 2006

Memes cross borders, too

The Green Knight on the birth of the paranoid "cultural Marxism" meme in Canada. This point is particularly telling about the mindset of proponents of this idea.

[Pat] Buchanan's location of the origins of "CM" all the way back before the French Revolution should demonstrate to us just how far back some right-wingers want to go: before Rousseau, before Locke, before the Enlightenment.
And I noted in the comments over at GK's that views like this - which originated in fringe groups like the John Birch Society - have been making their way mainstream with help from "transmitters" like Michelle Malkin, who shift political discourse their way by redefining mainstream as fringe, and by presenting these paranoid views to the public in a palatable form. See here, for a recent instance

Irrefutable: The unhinged fringe is the mainstream of the Democrat Party.


Sickofspin said...

Malkin is good, I wish she would post more often.

John Lombard said...

...CM is supposed to predate Marx himself?

It's not about getting to the truth of things, it's about whatever's convenient for getting power.