Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Malkin's methodology

Michelle Malkin thinks that "the left" (people who disagree with Malkin) is unhinged. Here's an example of how she makes that case.

Speaking of unhinged, here's a choice comment left at the Washington Post Supreme Court blog
See, she found a comment somewhere, from someone who said something nasty, thus, an entire class of people - "liberals" - are unhinged because the individual is representative of the whole, in her mind. Michelle only applies this device to people she doesn't like, however. Similar comments from people who hold views near to her own do not mean that "the right" (here defined as people who agree with Malkin) are unhinged, or even that the comments themselves are unhinged.

Otherwise, something like this would certainly meet Malkin's standard of proof that "the right" is unhinged.

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John Lombard said...

Fuck, don't link to stuff like that! Some of those comments are going to give me nightmares.