Saturday, January 14, 2006

Max Cleland: fraud!

The Daily Doubter has discovered via some investigative journalism that there is reason to suspect that former Senator Max Cleland (D-Ga) did not deserve the Silver and Bronze stars he was awarded during his service in Vietnam. But what's even more shocking is new evidence indicating that the story that Cleland lost two legs and part of one arm by picking up a grenade dropped by a fellow soldier is false.

Like fellow critics of the Bush administration John Kerry and John Murtha who are now known to have faked their injuries in the hopes of furthering a future political career, a source has revealed to me that Cleland blew his limbs off on purpose so as to be able to sell himself as a war hero when he returned from his tour of duty.

Cleland should not be able to use his "combat" wounds for career profiteering. To enlist in the military, go to war, and put your life on the line just to get elected ... how despicable is that. People like Kerry, Murtha, and Cleland are the very definition of anti-Americanism. Having gotten enough mileage from their military service they each turned their back on the United States and openly supported the terrorists.

Blogger's Note - No, I'm not serious. The cynicism of this post is inspired by me just having seen this shameless drivel.

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