Monday, April 27, 2009

Update for the New American newspeak dictionary

Today's update for the New American Newspeak Dictionary is:

International Peace Operations Association: mercenary trade association

Via this exchange on Bill Moyers Journal

JEREMY SCAHILL: Right. But I mean, there's a very Orwellian vibe to all of this. I mean-- let's remember here, Blackwater says they're not a mercenary company. They're in the peace and stability industry. We're in the business of peace because peace matters.

BILL MOYERS: Peace and stability. Is this how the industry promotes itself?

JEREMY SCAHILL: Oh, yeah. The mercenary trade association, Blackwater recent left it. But they've been a leading member and funder of it. It's called the International Peace Operations Association. And their logo is a cartoon sleeping lion. I mean, it's so incredibly Orwellian.


Hoosier84 said...

Jeremy Scahill may be an ‘award winning investigative journalist’ but he never bothered to contact or interview IPOA before writing pages of ‘well researched’ nonsense about us. This despite the fact that we tried to contact him more than a half dozen times. Maybe you need an Orwellian entry for an "award winning investigative journalist?"

Here's a definition of 'Peace operations': Peace operations cover a wide range of activities that are needed in the sort of low-intensity conflict that may take place after the end of a conventional war between nation-states, a civil war, or a state that has broken up into local militias.[1] Other terms are used in national doctrine, such as stability operations by the United States and low-intensity conflict by the United Kingdom.

I hope that's helpful!


Doug Brooks, IPOA

malcontent said...

So war IS peace then.

Glad that's settled.

Hume's Ghost said...

Well, that is indeed a definition for "peace operations."