Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How hate warps one's view of reality

I listened to a few minutes of Michael Savage yesterday. He was talking about what he considers to be a plausible conspiracy theory about AF 1's flyover of NY city, that an airforce pilot hijacked Airforce 1 and flew it over New York city as a distress call, as a means of indicating that the country is under the control of an imposter (whatever that means, I would guess, a Manchurian candidate.)

More bizarre to me than Savage's twisted imagination is the fact that people listen to this and take it seriously.

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malcontent said...

The tired defense of hate radio is calling it entertainment of course. This goes beyond simple mindless fun on our public airwaves however when you consider the research on teevee audiences and how it induces hypnotic states almost immediately. Radio cannot be much less so.

I don't know the endgame but the business model seems to be grow an audience and condition them to despise whomever you deem as worthy of derision. Drive them to crave the revenge fantasies as a drug.

I came across a fantastic paper on this here:

This abuse of our public infrastructure must not only stop, we now have to de-program the zombie hordes that have become addicted to it.