Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Limbaugh tells veteran he's not a Republican

I just listened to a caller to the Rush Limbaugh program tell Limbaugh that he is the reason McCain lost the election. The caller was a self-identified veteran and Republican who voted for McCain. He blamed the loss on Limbaugh's idiotic "Operation Chaos" and, to a much greater extent, Rush's disgusting defense of torture. The caller said that torture was what the Nazis did, that Americans don't torture, etc. Searching for an epithet to express what he felt about Limbaugh's support of an American torture regime, he called Limbaugh a "brainwashed Nazi."

This is an inappropriate thing to say about Limbaugh, but it gives you an idea of what some Republicans feel about the sort of extremism that has taken over their party.

Limbaugh first attempted to dismiss the caller's criticism on the grounds that he voted for Obama. After the caller reminded Limbaugh that he voted for McCain, Limbaugh went into an incoherent ramble about how the caller was the brainwashed one, that Limbaugh knows of no one that has died from torture, concluding by telling the caller that it's no surprise that he's the sort that would support McCain and that he isn't a real Republican.

That's the level of respect that Limbaugh has for veterans. They're great and swell when they're off dying in wars that Limbaugh won't fight in himself. But when they come home and oppose the United States using communist torture techniques, Limbaugh excludes them from the Republican party.

Of course, we already knew that Limbaugh considers soldiers who disagree with him to be "phony." And as for no deaths resulting from torture, funny how Limbaugh never lets stuff like this enter into his hermetically sealed mind.

Update: Transcript and audio of the exchange.

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