Friday, April 10, 2009

Take him off the air

That's my advice to anyone at Fox "News" who might have a conscience and a say in the matter. Glenn Beck is getting crazier by the day and it is only a matter of time before another member of his audience is inspired to kill someone. Of course, this isn't going to happen. So an alternative suggestion I have is that anyone with a conscience working at Fox who can find employment elsewhere do so, and that anyone invited to be a guest on Fox decline and give the reason that the network is being boycotted until it removes Beck's irresponsible insanity from the airwaves.

Dave Neiwert does a good job in that link of responding to Beck, but here are two additional points:

1. Beck says that Obama is gutting the military budget. This meme is literally insane. This year's budget increases military spending by over 20 billion dollars.

2. "We didn't vote for any of this stuff! We voted for change!" screamed Beck. How delusional can this man possibly get? Um, I missed the part where Barack Obama ran on a right-wing survivalist platform. "We" apparently only means Beck and his 9/12 followers, the rest of America who voted for a more progressive politics no longer count as Americans. If anyone has a reason to be upset, it's those Americans who were promised an Executive that did not traffic in secrecy and civil liberties encroachment, but are witnessing the Obama administration now continuing and actually worsening some of the worst Bush administration practices.

Update: From Daily Kos:

We in America, Officers and private citizens alike, are fortunate that at this moment in our history we can still LAWFULLY EXTERMINATE these parasitic Global Blood Suckers by placing numerous "STAKES" made of words, paper, pen, and hard work through their hardened hearts.

-- OPERATION VAMPIRE KILLER, a militia manual still on sale at gun shows today along with texts on changing identity, how to operate machine guns, and the perennial 'classic,' the "U.S. militaman's handbook." See fourth photo down in this post from David Weigel.

These bloodsucker vampires are not going to be satisfied with just sucking the blood out of GM’s top guy, the AIG executives, or any other business, or business person. Their thirst for power and control is unquenchable. They will not stop. There’s only two ways for this movie to end. Either the economy becomes like the walking dead, or you drive a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers.

--Glenn Beck, March 30, 2009
Which is partly why the "Tea Party" movement is turning into a meshing ground for the mainstream conservative movement and proto-fascist extremists.

Also, since I watched that the Beck/gasoline segment live, I didn't watch the C & L till just now. It doesn't do justice to just how bizarre Beck's behavior is, because it cuts off a few seconds to soon. Right after Beck gets done with his rant, he looks over at the guy he dumped the "gasoline" on and starts laughing somewhat maniacally.

And if you don't think that Beck is moving proto-fascism into the mainstream, see what happened at one of his 9/12 parties. Amidst plugs for the theocratic Constitution Party (the party of choice for militia members, survivalists, white supremacists, and neo-Confederates) a speaker got up and talked about the 50 year plan to take over America fronted by George Soros. Then someone shouts "Burn the books ... The ones in college, those, those brainwashing books."

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Sheldon said...

"Brainwashing machines" Yeah that is some real koo-koo shit, even Grenn Little Footballs thinks so!