Monday, August 04, 2008

"So what’s wrong with killing the mothers and the babies?"

I just came across this video from 6-15-06 or I would have commented on it long before.

Hey, Bill O'Reilly. Did you know that the racist madman above advocating infanticide (and tacit genocide) is a columnist at You know, the place that Mary Katherine Ham - the guest you bring on, when ever you're calling someone you don't like a Nazi or the KKK, to say how mean and nasty "liberals" are while also saying how the folks at Townhall don't tolerate hate like Daily Kos does - works? And guess what else - he's been a guest at various Fox News programs on more than a few occasions.

You know, I have pretty low expectations for the sort of rhetoric that I expect to hear from AM pundits like Reagan, but this is one of the most frankly disturbing and horrific things I've ever heard uttered by any of them. I am so dismayed that someone can go on the air and say things like this to an audience of millions and get paid very well to do so. Shame on Townhall, Fox News, Human Events, News Max and whatever other organizations provide this eliminationist bigot a forum to spread such disgusting hate.


spocko said...

HG: Right you are. I've been contacted by bloggers in various regions who want to expose his eliminationist rhetoric to the local advertisers.

No decent advertiser should want to associate with him. There will always be a market for this stuff, but I think we can help make it less profitable. This is not mainstream.

So the plan is to get bloggers in various regions to find out who the advertisers are and then get them to hear the horrible comments from these people and decide if they want to keep supporting them.

Sheldon said...

Yep, very sick!

And I wonder if Reagan gets a pass for being the son of the worshipped Reagan?