Friday, August 22, 2008

Sean Hannity says Sean Hannity should be fired

"You know, if I were to say on my 530 radio stations or right here on the FOX News Channel half the stuff that liberals say about me, lies told on a regular basis — and I don't really pay attention to it because I don't care — I would be probably thrown off the air, targeted for boycotts." - Sean Hannity

The most amazing (and disturbing) thing about Sean Hannity's belief that there is a double standard in the media which allows "liberals" to say mean and horrible things about pseudo-conservatives like himself is that it is a complete and utter inversion of reality. The reality is that Sean Hannity's career is based specifically on his ability to say mean and horrible things about "liberals" without conscience; he is paid lucratively precisely because of his ability to spread lies and misinformation on a regular and systematic basis.

The clearest indication of the real double standard is Ann Coulter: there is simply no "liberal" equivelent to her. Coulter's career suffered not a bit from her absolutely inexcusable derogatory comments about the "Jersey Girls". Indeed, a Google search will reveal that she was lauded for telling 9/11 widows that they gloried in the death of their husbands (she received an ovation from from Sean Hannity's audience for them at the end of this clip.)

Hannity's latest defamation campaign involves his relentless promotion of the Liars for Jesus propaganda that Obama favors infanticide. It is a sad irony that people who are so determined to plaster the Ten Commandments in public schools and courtrooms can't see fit to abide by the 9th commandment's injunction to Not Bear False Witness against others. And the thing to remember is that the so-called "born alive" legislation that sparked all this was designed as heads we win, tails you lose political legislation. The lives of live infants were already protected under Illinois law; the purpose of the legislation was to create backdoor precedent for making abortion illegal and to demonize anyone who didn't vote for it as a proponent of infanticide.

If you read the above link you will see that there is grounds for criticism in regards to Obama's explanation about his voting record on the matter, but there is nothing that remotely comes close to justifying the frenzy of accusation that Obama favors killing children.

Update: Media Matters has some background on Hannity's newest favorite Liar for Jesus relating to her credibility.

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