Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Do raptured blastocysts turn into immortal blastocysts?

As I mentioned, I've been reading the first Left Behind book. Just the other day I read a passage that left me wondering the question in the post title. The section is about a conversation between one of the main characters and someone who has a sister that works at a family planning clinic. The sister is depressed because she no longer has work to do since all "unborn children" have been raptured. (Slacktivist points out everything wrong with the coversation). In other words, apparently every single pregnant woman on the planet had the human life growing inside her raptured, regardless of what stage of development it was in. Including the newly implanted blastocyst.

(image of blastocyst shortly before implantation from here) So, um, what exactly are these tiny balls of cells going to be doing for all of eternity?*

*Obviously, the question is facetious. But I'm simply pointing out how incoherent these beliefs are. Some believe that the unborn will be magically fast fowarded to their "ideal" age. In which case, where does the personality come from? Ech ... all gibberish.

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