Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sean Hannity vies for title of most clueless human on the planet

Via Dave Neiwert, Sean Hannity on "liberals"

HANNITY: I think — I think they think we're evil. You know, I mean, if you read, you know, the things — it's funny because there is this double standard out there in both radio and television.

You know, if I were to say on my 530 radio stations or right here on the FOX News Channel half the stuff that liberals say about me, lies told on a regular basis — and I don't really pay attention to it because I don't care — I would be probably thrown off the air, targeted for boycotts.

It's like this is how they let the liberals — they say they like free speech, but they want to silence anybody, Fairness Doctrine included. Anybody they disagree with.
Right, so says the author of a book which says that liberalism is an evil that America needs to be delivered from. So says the guy that promotes conspiracy theory that Vince Foster was murdered by the Clintons, that Michael Schiavo put his wife in a persistent vegetative state so that he could claim the insurance money, etc. So says the guy who works at a network that spends a good deal of time promoting the message that the entertainment industry should "shut up and sing."

Gee, look at the image and see if you can see any sort of aysemmetry there. Mr. Hannity is correct about one thing, though. I sure as hell do think that propaganda tactics like naming individuals with political views you disagree with "Enemy of the State" and equating them with dictators is pretty god damn evil.*

*It should be noted that while Hannity may think Hugo Chavez is a dictator, he is not (although he has been attempting to aggregate power for himself.) The image should also be considered in relation to Hannity's book Deliver us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism. Hannity considers (left-wing) dictators, terrorists and liberals to be a sort of Satanic axis of Evil that must be defeated.

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