Saturday, August 16, 2008

Abortion clinic bombings will be making a comeback

Thanks, in no small part, to people like Jerome Corsi promoting the vile and evil lie that Obama favors legalized murder of babies to the White Nationalist website Stormfront (founded by a former KKK member) and people like Rush Limbaugh telling his audience of millions that

But what's fascinating to me is that the drive-bys are spending 10 times the amount of energy trying to get who -- the background on Corsi than they are on Obama. They have spent no time working on the background of Obama. It is other people having to come up with the fact that this guy, numerous times, three times in Illinois voted for legislation that would allow doctors and patients to murder babies who survived abortions and were out of the womb. Radical stuff. Three times he voted for this.
Meanwhile, Bill O'Reilly is so very worried that someone is going to get killed because of the supposed Nazi style hatred of conservatives being cultivated in a fraction of a percentage point of the comments posted in response to the articles at Daily Kos.

I will adress the rest of this post to O'Reilly:

Mr. O'Reilly,
Jerome Corsi is telling white nationalist, Nazi worshipping racists that Barack Obama favors killing babies. He is doing so with the help of Fox News star Sean Hannity. If you want to at least pretend to be anything other than a delusional, ego-maniacal generic Joe McCarthy out to demonize anyone and everyone that ever says a critical word about you, then you should speak out and denounce these evil smears from your Fox News family.

Of course, I won't be holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Especially when one considers O'Reilly's own vile extremist anti-abortion propaganda.


Unknown said...

Don't be so silly Obama is most certainly one of the most proabortion Congressman around: based on his voting record.

The logic of abortion clinic bombers is simple if perhaps flawed. If clinics really are killing human beings then the "doctors" are murders and removing them from life is a noble act.

I don't personally think this is the way to go but leave this to individual conscience.

Hume's Ghost said...

In what way am I being "silly"? Obama may very well have a "pro-abortion" voting record, but that does not mean it is acceptable for extremist pundits to defame him with an evil lie that he is favor of murdering babies.

Secondly, do you consider Jimmy Carter to be "pro-abortion"? Carter is morally opposed to abortion for religious and moral reasons, yet is in favor of abortion being legal. And as Carter has pointed out, the irony is that he supports policies that tend to reduce the amount of abortions while the "right-wing" agenda which is so dogmatically pursued by many anti-abortionists serves to increase the amount of abortions.

I'm well aware of what the reasoning of abortion clinic bombers are. But you are missing the point that having the message that the new president (if he's elected) favors infanticide broadcast by mainstream pundits helps fan the flames of their extremism.