Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More to come on Hannity's brilliant stupidity

I posted my response about Hannity's question regarding how we can expect universal healthcare to work off the top of my head and now see that I failed to mention a few other points (for example, that the increase in Social Security taxes on the working class was used to help pay for tax cuts for the rich) and did not actually answer the question. Also, when I got home and was able to check my books I noticed that I was wrong (sort of) about one point (I'm always dumber when I don't have access to my bookshelf and/or notebooks). So I'll post pt. 2 of my response to Hannity tomorrow (I could do it now but I'm again without my books and notes.)

That response should serve as a good lead-in to the review of The Big Con that I promised a while back, which I hope to post the next day.

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