Monday, June 30, 2008

John Yoo: liar for torture

Think Progress has the details.

I really hope that one day justice (the sort of justice that Yoo has worked so hard at denying others) catches up with this despicable human being, and that he one day finds himself having to explain all his lies and obfuscations in a war crimes trial.


Anonymous said...

Pardon the expression, but "AMEN!"

Jennifer said...

Yep. That's one reason I want a democrat to win this year. I want that whole gang to be charged with war crimes.

Hume's Ghost said...

A Democrat getting elected will only help that happen to the extent that the veil of secrecy around this administration is rolled back.

But no Democrat is going to have anything to do with briging war crimes charges ... if they can't bring themselves to censor the president for lawbreaking then there is no way they would ever go so far as war crimes. If war crimes are ever brought it will be because someone was picked up and charged on foreign soil, which is why Professor Phillipe Sands speculated that some of the key administration figures will have to be careful in their future travel plans.