Sunday, June 08, 2008

In case you missed it

Rick Perlstein has now written two posts (here and here) on Box 722 - the archive of letters Senator Paul Douglas recieved in 1966 in regards to open housing and Martin Luther King - that I would suggest are highly worthy of perusal.

And, as always, the most glaring example of how perverse and bizarre American political discourse has become remains the fact that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a consensual sexual affair with another adult yet the current president will not be impeached for lying the country into a war that has resulted in death and ruin. Glenn Greenwald makes this point concisely by noting that the so-called "Dean" of the Liberal Media thinks that Iraq war lies are merely "policy dispute" but found Clinton's affair to be intolerable.

No matter how many times one sees it, it will never cease to amaze that the exact same media mavens who righteously strutted around demanding that Bill Clinton be impeached or forced to resign because the "honor" of our political system demanded that, continue casually to dismiss every crime of the last seven years as nothing more than a garden-variety, good faith "policy dispute" which only shrill rabble want to see "turned into a criminal or impeachable affair." So the Senate issues a report documenting that the President and Vice President repeatedly made false statements to induce the citizenry to support a war against another country that has left hundreds of thousands of people dead for no reason -- added on to the piles of outright lawbreaking under this administration -- and to David Broder, those are just mere "policy disputes" which (unlike Bill Clinton's grave crimes) merit no punishment.

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