Friday, June 27, 2008

George Lakoff Q & A about his new book

The above is an hour long discussion about Lakoff's most recent book - The Political Mind - which, from skimming it in the book store the other day, appears to be a popularization of the work of Drew Westen.* Of course, Lakoff isn't just popularizing Westen's research, but applying it to his own previous work about the nurturant/strict father political metaphors.

I've read all of Lakoff's political books, with the exception of Thinking Points, and they've all been interesting and thought-provoking (even where you might disagree with Lakoff). I'll definitely be reading this book when I get a chance (my library has a copy in transit.)

*Westen's The Political Brain was one of the better books I read last year and is certainly one that Democrats who seem petrified that Republicans might attack them on any given issue for not being a Republican (e.g. FISA capitulation) should read.

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