Friday, June 13, 2008

McCain as Bizarro Robin Hood

The above is Kevin Drum's slightly edited version of a graphic from the Tax Policy Center's analysis of the tax policy of McCain and Obama.* As you can see, McCain's plan is regressive, with the largest cut going to the richest .1% of tax payers. A vote for McCain is a vote to burden the children and grand-children of the vast majority of working Americans (around 90-ish%) with the cost of creating a neo-feudalist aristocracy.

There is no way that McCain can sell his Bizarro Robin Hood economics to the American people honestly. Which is why he'll have to lie as sytematically as Bush did in regards to his economic policy.

Update: Case in point of the necessity of lying.

*Drum removed the bar of the overall % change for spacing reasons.

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steeplebob said...

Thanks for passing this graphic on. I was having trouble assimilating the bits I'd heard/read about how the tax plans compared. This is very useful.