Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Michael Savage, following up on his idea of putting homeless Americans in "work camps" and "round[ing] up every member of the ACLU" and sending them to prison at Guantanamo has now taken to calling Barack Obama a "Afro-Leninist."

I can't quite express how appalled I am that there are approximately 8.25 weekly fans of a man whom can fairly be described as fascist. It also doesn't reflect well for the state of the media that this was who was chosen to replace Phil Donahue when he was fired from MSNBC for not being a supporter of the invasion of Iraq (nevermind MSNBC having to subsequently fire Savage for being - big surprise - an extremist on air.)

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Sheldon said...

In addition to Savage who is farther out on the fringes, I have heard Pat Buchannan on another program call Obama a "radical socialist", and radio host Gallagher and Tom Delay say that without a doubt he is "a Marxist".

This seems to be the strategy of the right at this point. Completely exaggerate how far left a centrist Democrat actually is.

From the perspective of somebody actually on the left, it seems to be quite ridiculous.