Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Uh oh. He's on to me

Richard Poe, the guy who accused Ed Brayton of being part of Hillary Clinton's "army of bloggers", issued a response to Brayton full of mental gymnastic attempting to link Brayton to Clinton. Brayton answered back pointing out that the work Poe (and co-author David Horowitz) had done is conspiratorial nonsense. In the comments I said this:

Considering that Hofstadter style paranoia piece was based on work he did with extreme leftist ideologue turned extreme rightist ideologue David Horowitz I'm not surprised.

That they think everyone is tied up in a Hillary/Soros one world socialist gov't plot says pretty much all that needs to be said about them. Not much reasoning with crazy.
To which Poe responded:

Hume's Ghost, may I inquire as to your own beliefs concerning global governance Are you for it or against it?
Are you kidding me? After someone jokingly told Poe that he should be concerned with the alien plot to take over the world I answered:

Damn, DuWayne outed me. I'm for a one universe gov't. But we can't give up our sovereignity to the multiverse!
Update: Poe keeps at it in further comments.

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