Thursday, October 18, 2007

George Bush vs. American democracy

On Monday President Bush appointed Susan Orr to head up federal family planning services. Susan Orr is a religious right extremist (formerly an adjunct professor at Pat Robertson's Regent University) who believes that family planning is part of a "culture of death." Despite evidence that the programs are not effective, Orr supports abistence-only sexual education.

Bush's message to the American people is clear: despite the American people having enacted through their government a federal department meant to assist with family planning President Bush has appointed someone to destroy that department for personal religious reasons and/or to appease his religious right constituency. He is wiling to put his faith-based religous views above the health of the people of this country.

Regent University produces graduates who do not believe in democracy, but in authoritarian rule by people of God (aka other fundamentalists or their movement conservative allies.) The Bush administration has put 150 of these anti-democrats within our government. One of them was Bush loyalist Monica Goodling, the woman who was unwilling to promote another Justice Department employee on the grounds that she doesn't trust Democrats.

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