Monday, October 15, 2007

Hating the Liberal

Following up on the post from yesterday about Debbie Schlussel accusing "billionaire atheist Jew" George Soros of having "proudly worked for the Nazis rounding up Jews and sending them to their deaths," I wanted to make something explicit. I do not think, nor was I implying, that Schlussel is anti-Semitic.

However, I think she has internalized memes that are anti-Semitic in origin, but that she is unaware of this. The significance is that this gives merit both to the point I've been making about anti-"liberalism" being a p.c. form of hate and the one that Gore made in The Assault on Reason (which I will quote for the third time)

[Movement conservatives] speak of "liberals" with the kind of dripping contempt and virulent hostility that used to be associated with racism and sectarian strife.
Seeing the similarity in structure between what Schlussel is saying and anti-Semitism helps to illustrate that point about the type of hatred that is now being directed at "liberals." In this regard, I consider Coulter and company's hate to be a kind of "right-wing" parallell thinking.

Coulter and Shlussel seem to be joined by an ecumenicism of hatred. Coulter believes that Christian liberals are atheists. Schlussel believes that Jewish "libs" are atheists. They both hate Islamofascists and their domestic counterpart: the Liberal.

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