Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To preserve the union, we must wage war against the liberals (and everyone who doesn't support Bush)

When we last checked in with Mark Noonan, he was musing about how "liberals" don't breed enough to sustain themselves and thus must import other people's kids (Mexicans?) to be brainwashed into liberalism; and was also trying to make up his mind who should be battled and defeated first: Islamofascists or liberals. He believes that these two enemies are "two fires" working towards the destruction of the Judeo-Christian West.

Now Noonan has written that he expects that fighting the Islamofascists (World War IV) will constitute Civil War II here at home.

Over at Orcinus, Dave Neiwert has written a post about this and Ted Nugen't recent machine gun rant. If you click the comments you'll notice that I added some backgroud info.

The post that I mentioned earlier today that is related to authoritarian hypocrisy is actually about Nugent's comments and Hannity's reaction to them, but Neiwert's post works so well as a complimentary piece that I think I'm going to hold mine back 'till tomorrow. Another reason I'm going to hold off on it is that I've got several other posts I think I'm going to put up today. Nevermind, I'm done for today.

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