Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Deadly stupid

On today's Rush Limbaugh program he was saying that carrots are more deadly than cigarettes or trans fats. Rush's incoherent ramble about carrots came after he had said that second hand smoke being dangerous is "a hoax like global warming." Someone better run and go tell the CDC.

To borrow (and paraphrase) a phrase from Glenn Greenwald, it's things like this that make me despise, rather than merely dislike, Rush Limbaugh.

Assserting that cigarettes or second smoke or trans fats aren't dangerous is inexecusably stupid. There are millions of people that listen to Rush and call themselves "dittoheads" because they take his bullshit seriously. He is sabotaging their health. It is a grave betrayal of trust and responsibility. They should be furious, but instead they love him for it.

This is Rush continuing his long history of helping to get his audience sick or dead.

"It has not been proven that nicotine is addictive, the same with cigarettes causing emphysema [and other diseases]." - Limbaugh, (4-29-94 radio program)

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spocko said...

The other day I heard Rush talk about how that guy who lost his health care was a big baby because LVT Steele went out of business and the guy expected the company to pay him after he no longer worked there. Rush said, "I never expect to get money from a company were I no longer work."

What a crock of S***! A retirement/pension contract negotiated with a company in good faith is not the same as getting money from a company that you no longer work for.

I would deconstruct it if I felt i would have any impact, but Rush Limbaugh listeners are happy with their denial.