Thursday, August 02, 2007

I think I'm going to need to get my jaw re-attached

I flipped to The O'Reilly Factor tonight and heard O'Reilly saying that the "hate" of Daily Kos is going to get someone killed/murdered and that he wants some kind of legislation passed that would make it easier for him to sue people who talk bad about him on the internet.

I'm going to rewatch the entire segment when it comes on again at 11, so I'll probably have more to say tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I might point out that once again, O'Reilly has an inverted grasp of reality. Rush Limbaugh has (or had) a recurring role on the 1/2 Comedy Hour - a propaganda vehicle disguised as "satire" - and is a hero of Sean Hannity and has been on the channel on various occasions, as well as having had members of the White House on his radio program which has 8 million listerners, the last time I checked.

And recently he has called Osama Bin Laden a Democrat and Democrats spokespersons for al Qaeda. He's in the past said that "liberals" are cockroaches and that Democrats are at war with America. And in the mid '90s, before the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Limbaugh was saying things like this:

The second violent American revolution is just about - I got my fingers about a fourth of an inch apart - is just about that far away. Because these people are sick and tired of a bunch of beuracrats in Washington driving into town and telling them what they can and can't do.
But who are we kidding? Reality doesn't matter to O'Reilly. Daily Kos took the lead in calling for Democrats to boycott Fox's debate coverage, thus, Daily Kos has done something that if not dealt with has the potential to damage O'Reilly's Ego defined world view and must be attacked (i.e. to dissipate the cognitive dissonance resulting from the implication that there is something wrong with Fox's news coverage) so as not to disturb the alternate reality O'Reilly has constructed inside his head.

Which is why Daily Kos is a "far left" "hate" site and why O'Reilly now wants legislation passed that would make it easier for him to sue his enemies.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Jane Hall was on the program, too. I guess she just doesn't mind all that much if O'Reilly cuts her mic and tells his audience she's a liar and a propagandist. Seriously, c'mon Hall - where's your sense of self-respect?

Update: My god. O'Reilly really is living in some kind of alternate dimension. I just got done watching the video of O'Reilly interviewing Senator Chris Dodd about the Yearly Kos convention. When Dodd brought up the point about O'Reilly having said he's ok with al Qaeda attacking San Francisco O'Reilly denied having said it and demanded to know where and when he said such a thing. Um, ring a bell, Bill?

And if Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we're not going to do anything about it. We're going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead.
Of course, O'Reilly knows this is what Dodd was talking about because he next said, "you don't know what the hell you're talking about. You got it from Media Matters" at which point O'Reilly becomes unraveled and starts raving like a lunatic.

Its a testament to how dumbfounded I was before that I failed to mention the most bewildering portion of the segment I watched. That being O'Reilly linking the "hate" of Daily Kos (and other websites) to student protesters of the MinuteMen at NYU Columbia Universtity and Ann Coulter and George Soros getting pies thrown at them at speaking appearances.

1. Without even bothering to look into the NYU Columbia incident, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that it probably was the result of some leftist student groups and not with anything said at the Daily Kos. Polarizing groups like the MinuteMen tend to attract protesters that are somewhat extremist themselves.

2. Same deal with Coulter. Her getting a pie thrown at her is obviously the backlash from her own bigotry and hate-mongering. It doesn't require anyone saying anything about Coulter on the internet to get someone to want to throw a pie at her.

3. George Soros????? Are you kidding me? How ... how can any person possibly be this obtuse? Maybe Mr. O'Reilly wants to rethink that example for a while. Can he think of any possible reason why that would not be a good example.

Hint: It has something to do with O'Reilly saying, "They ought to hang this Soros guy."

Update 2: Jesus General writes a letter to Roger Ailes. (h/t Americablog)

Dear Mr. Ailes

I know you're very busy right now promoting Bill O'Reilly's 28 part expose on Daily Kos commenters. It's a damned good series. I bet it earns him another Peabody Award. At least I hope it does. It'll finally shut all those bastards up who wonder a little too loudly why his old Peabody is topped with a little bowler figurine and inscribed with the words "Westbury Girls-A-Go-Go, 1972."

But where do you go from there? I mean once you've faced the kind of all-encompassing evil found in a Kos Diary's comment thread, everything else is a letdown isn't it?
There's more at the link.

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